Thursday, April 30, 2015

Springtime Rambles and Ivy Brambles


Before my big blogging break, I started  a hat with Ivy Brambles Sockscene yarn in the Celosia colorway. I loved the yarn, but didn't like the hat, so I frogged it and made a nice pair of socks instead. (I find myself knitting socks more than anything else--just soft, warm, plain ones, nothing fancy.) One of my 2015 resolutions is to purchase more made-in-New England fiber products. I will definitely be buying more colors from this New Hampshire dyer.

I love walking in the springtime as each day reveals something new:  flowers, insects, basking turtles, snakes, and songbirds. Last week I saw a pine warbler, one of the earliest to return to Massachusetts (along with the palm warbler pictured above). New England is famous for its stone and white picket fences, for beaches and history and ghosts and witches and white clapboard houses and literature and four spectacular seasons. With its many layers and ever shifting view, it is the perfect place for me.♥